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Indigo Manatee Adventures!

Custom Trips for your Family & Friends

Camping, canoeing, swimming and snorkeling, we explore the beautiful crystal rivers of South Florida. From November to April, the manatees come into the rivers and we swim with them too!


Highlights include:

Swimming alongside gentle Manatees

Canoeing/tubing premier rivers

Swimming & Snorkeling Crystal Clear Springs

Camping under the stars (optional)


I watched with great anticipation as my 12 year old son Mark got ready for his first manatee encounter. "He's right over there!", I whispered, pointing toward a large teardrop shape gliding ever so smoothly thru the water towards our boat. Mark eased himself into the water, and I watched the top of his head turn as he looked around him.

I knew the moment he spotted the manatee. Perhaps it was the happy shriek from the top of his snorkel, perhaps it was the way he held so very still as the manatee came close to say hello. All I can say is the smile on his face as we got out of the water an hour later mirrored my own.  


I love watching kids play outdoors; nature provides infinite ways for them to stretch physically, emotionally and spiritually. Imagine the excitement of swimming in a natural spring as it gushes forth crystal clear waters from deep within the earth, just as it has for millennium. These are truly magical adventures!


This young manatee swam between my legs, rested its flippers on my calves and took a nap!


Spending five adventure-filled days together, making our meals under the sky and eating around a campfire, we readily relax into the healing energies and rhythms of our natural world.

Our campground has a playground, volleyball court, swimming pool and hot tub. It's a safe place for kids to wander and explore. Each day we go out on an adventure, twice to the manatees and on other days we visit some of Florida's premier crystal clear rivers and springs.

For those who prefer, there's also the option of staying in a hotel, there's one I use that is right on the water.


COSTS: The price for our 5 day Manatees trip averages $985 per person, based on a minimum of three. The same trip based out of a hotel is approx. $295 more per person. Your $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your date.

INCLUDED: All camping/lodging fees, park fees, river fees, boat trips, most meals.

NOT INCLUDED: Car rental, snorkel gear, optional wetsuit, sleeping bags & pads, two meals out on the town.


There's beauty and magic at every bend of the river...

Check out the faint rainbow colors circling this manatee's eye... 


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